Academic Counselling

Candidates seeking admissions will be interviewed and tested for preparedness for the class they seek admission to. Admission will be offered to Class XI students from other schools on the basis of their performance in the Class X Board Examinations and an interview. A written test will also be conducted. Admission to Class XI will remain provisional unless approved by the Board. Kindly note that registration does not guarantee admission.

Candidates offered admission will be required to complete all admission formalities within a week, failing which no further requests for admission will be entertained. The School reserves the right to offer the seat to another candidate in order of merit.

For Admission to Class I and higher Classes, a Transfer Certificate is required

Conditions of the Board:

Entry to the Central Board of Secondary Education Examinations in the case of eligible candidates, who are being entered for the first time, is restricted to candidates with a minimum of 75% attendance of the working days during each year of the two year course at school(s) affiliated to C.B.S.E,. The last date of computing attendance at schools is February 15 of the year of the examination.

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure that their child/ward attends classes regularly. NO STUDENT, whose attendance IS BELOW 75% OF THE WORKING DAYS in the academic year may be permitted to appear for EITHER THE HALF-YEARLY OR THE FINAL EXAMINATION. This is a C.B.S.E. Regulation.