Importance of School Facilities in Education

Children spend nearly a quarter of their student life in the classrooms. Keeping this in mind our classrooms are spacious and airy providing all facilities and modern teaching aids like computers, internet and facilities for using a LCD projector.
Each classroom is specially designed with furniture suitable for individual study as well as group work. It includes a dust free writing board, display board, varieties of charts, maps and other visual learning/teaching aids. Class strength is limited to ensure individual guidance and instructions.

Books are a vast source of wisdom and knowledge. It is indeed rightly said that the books are a man's best friends.
To strengthen this friendship between a child and knowledge, Our school offers a wide range of books in its well-stocked library. Sun Valley can boast of a Library with books ranging from Text books to Fiction to Encyclopedia. Apart from this a variety of story books and novels adorn the book shelves at our Library. To keep the students abreast with what's going on in the World, about 40 periodicals have been subscribed. To support teaching a learning experiences through multimedia. The library proudly owns CDs for all classes for all subjects. Inquisitive minds are trained to research on the projects assigned to them by searching relevant information from books and multimedia in library. Autobiographies of great men and leaders provide an opportunity to students to draw inspiration from them. Reading habit is further encouraged by allotting library period to each class every week to which the students look forward to enthusiastically.

Science Lab
Based on motto "Practical Knowledge is everlasting" So we at PNNMPS follow the same i.e. learning by doing.
Our labs are well equipped with various apparatus and working models. Childeren visualize through working models, the concept being taught to them in theory. The practical are conducted right from basic level ( VI std) to higher level (XII std) so that children know proper handling of apparatus and can maintain the record of each experiment done in their Lab Manuals. We have separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology where students are exposed to the facts that lies behind the theory, they read in their respective science classes

Physics Lab
All latest instruments related to electricity, sound, height and many more which enable them to get the concept of Physics. We have no. of Lenses, Mirrors, Magnets, Official benches, Sonometer, Potentiometer, Meter bridge etc. in our Lab. In general student to apparatus ratio is 2 : 1.

Chemistry Lab
Chemistry Lab is well equipped with all precautionary measures against any eventuality. Advanced network of gas connectivity is given for safe handling of the experiments.
Each seat is provided with Raegent shelves, Sinks and Water taps, sufficient storage space catered for in a well ventilated room. Special provision exists for weighing balances required for many experiments by students

Biology Lab
Our Biology Lab is well equipped with no. of specimens advanced microscope like compound and dissecting which enable students to understand basic anatomy of life forms.
After visualizing specimen students correlate existence of biodiversity. We also have Haemometer and Haemocytometer by which students measure % of Hb( Haemoglobin) in their blood and can count no. of RBC by preparing slides. Presence of human skeleton enables even small children to understand the concept of body movements. Theory of evolution is best understood by knowing anatomy of various specimens from lowermost plant algae to highly evolved angiosperms.
Our teachers uses all these equipments mentioned above in their class rooms for explaining theoretical portions, Whereas in Labs main emphasis is given on self performance rather than demonstration from teachers.

Social Science Lab
School has a well equipped S.S.T. lab. Lab is full of various 3D models, Charts, maps and many audio visual teaching aids which are used by teachers to enable the students to understand the geographical concepts in an interactive way. The lab also gives the students an opportunity to work independently on various projects assigned to them by teachers from time to time. The students are encouraged to make working models and by doing so they have a clearer perception of the different geographical features of the earth.

Mathematics Lab
Maths lab is a place where learning becomes fun. Students from classes VI to X have well planned activities here. To facilitate and engage the students in a variety of hands on learning experiences the students & teachers have put together models in the laboratory. There are number of experiments with colourful paper cutout & paper folding activities which help to clarify concepts of lines, angles, triangles, quadrilateral & circles etc. for classes VI to X.
The Maths lab comprises of a variety of mathematical teaching aids in the form of models, games, chart, CDs etc. useful for effective learning for classes I to V. Reinforcement of concepts is also done by IT-based interactive teaching which is available in addition in our Audio Visual Room.

Physical education and competitive sports are important facets of School life and the aim is to develop every child to the whole sum with a healthy body, sharp intellect and high moral values and to fulfill this Sun Valley International School can boast of a large number of Trophies, & medals won by the students at various Inter State/ Inter School Competitions. They have excelled in all fields including Karate,Skating, and various other activities. The School provides the opportunities to excel due to playfield for sports like

  • Football
  • Basket Ball
  • Volley Ball
  • Kho Kho
    Skating being persuaded by the students . Taekwando and Skating classes by renowned coaches. The School also promotes Yoga to enable students learn how to deal with stress, lack of concentration as Sun Valley International School firmly believes in the saying – A healthy mind in a Healthy body.

Cyber Zone
No educational institution can flourish without computers today. Therefore it is imperative that we incorporate computer education in our curriculum.
We have a fully equipped Computer Labs which is fully equipped with multimedia machines to provide the most advanced computer-aided education from 1st onwards. The Senior computer laboratory is connected with high speed Broadband connection for Internet Surfing under surveillance. Computer Science is compulsory from classes I to X. It is offered as an elective subject at +2 stages. So we can say the ultimate objective is to develop an all round personality of the students so that they may become physically fit, intellectually alert, morally sound and emotionally well balanced.

School Infirmary
The School infirmary is fully equipped with medical facilities for check-up of students by a qualified physician on regular basis. We have a dispensary in school premises for handling emergencies during school hours.