Examination and Promotions

  1. The results of the Tests & Examination are communicated to Parent by means of Progress report cards and school diary, which should be noted and signed at the end of each term. Parents are requested to ensure that the report cards are collected, signed and returned to the respective class teachers.
  2. Attendance during examination is compulsory. Special arrangements cannot be made for retest. Answer sheets of the Annual Examination will not be given to the parents. Prizes for Proficiency given at the end of the academic year is based upon the attendance during the test and exams conducted in the course of the year.
  3. It will be compulsory for the students of classes X to appear in Pre-board exam.


Promotion Policy 
Promotion is granted on the basis of the overall performance of the student based on regular attendance and participation in all unit tests, work experience activities, games etc. (cocurricular) and Half yearly and Annual Examination are imperative for all the students.



  1. There will be no re-rest and no weightage will be given to a student who misses any test/examination. A student securing 35% marks in each subject will be promoted to next class.
  2. Any student who remains absent without legitimate cause in the annual exams will not be promoted to next class. The Assessment of classes l-X is done on the basis of grading scale as per HBSE.