Core Belief  
PNN Mohan School is a unique amalgamation of traditional values and contemporary pedagogy. The school lays immense emphasis on nurturing core values of Courage, Compassion, Equality and Integrity in all its students. The school facilitates its students to learn and imbibe along with their subjects of study, discipline, ethics, tradition and culture. This is to bring out the students not only intellectually well equipped, but also enable them to become socially committed citizens.  

Smt. Shashi never needed to be taught to be compassionate towards fellow human beings; it came to her so naturally. Being compassionate to anyone – near or far; related or unrelated; known or stranger; accomplished or needy is truly her nature and hence it occurred to her naturally. The ability to reach out to serve and help people in need was driven by the compassion in her heart and the purity of her mind.  
In the context of Education, students at PNN Mohan School High School are encouraged to be compassionate towards their colleagues, friends, family, neighbours and human beings at large. Conscious efforts would be made to develop the virtue of compassion in students to be good and do good.

Smt. Shashi’s definition of integrity is her uncompromising attitude to her belief system; her complete and inflexible commitment to what she believed as righteous. Her commitment to accept challenges and win them and his determination to help people without reason or bias or any expectation in return.  
In the context of PNN Mohan School, the school works to inculcate amongst its students this value of treating everyone as equals and not differentiate amongst friends based on caste, colour, religion, creed, race or social and economic well-being. Instead, be ever ready to lend a hand of support to anyone needy with an equal degree of willingness.

In the context of PNN Mohan School, the school encourages its students to build a character defined by a high degree of truthfulness and honesty. Developing a strong self-belief on being truthful irrespective of the outcome and cultivating a determined attitude towards speaking the truth and acting in the right faith.  
Realizing the need for such a value-based education, PNN Mohan Schoolaims at offering a platform for quality education, nurturing professional development among its students to enable them to become lifelong learners, independent thinkers and responsible citizens of the country .