Design with the End in mind……… Creating happy children as they learn

Ours is a Blend of Knowledge & Skill:

A. Learner for Life 
1. Personal, Social & Emotional development, 2. Physical Development, 3. Creative Development, 4. Language, 5. Communication and Literary, 6. Knowledge and understanding of the world

B. Skills for the 21st Century Learner 
1. Creativity, 2. Collaboration, 3. Critical Thinking, 4. Communication

Our Approach 
1. Constructive approach, 2. Experiential learning, 3. Project-Based Learning, 4. Enquiry Based Learning

It aims to give students a deeper learning experience. Recognizing strengths and supporting their potential, supporting emotional & social development of the students.


Our Methodology 
As recommended by Haryana Board School Education Alignment with HBSE Design: An integrated approach forming connections across all disciplines of learning such as – Languages-English & Hindi, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Sciences, Information & Communication Technology

The Co-Scholastic Curriculum 
This curriculum focuses on:

  • All round development of students (Art, music, dance, theatre, sports, special assemblies, the celebration of festivals)
  • A holistic approach to education (Extra mile, Heritage Walks, Educational trips, Buddy Interactions)
  • Integrated development stressing on physical, mental, moral & social aspects (Edu-sports, Passion time)
  • Community outreach
  • Audio-visual & Technology usage


There are assigned days on which assignments are given to children to keep them abreast with what is being learnt at school. During weekends they write an essay in English and Hindi and one essay a month is graded only on the ideas expressed in the essay.