Most parents want their children to have as much personal attention as possible. After all, you spend enormous amount of time nurturing them when they are infants. If you can make it happen, you want them receiving as much individual attention as possible in the preschool and primary years.
In Padmashree N. N. Mohan Public School class sizes are in the range of 20-25 students. So teachers give each student  individual attention he/she deserves. There is always a good relationship among students as well.

Padmashree N. N. Mohan Public School expect parents to be actively involved in their child’s education. We provide upto date information of the child to the parents. Monthly Parent-Teacher Meetings are conducted for higher degree of parents participation and involvement. It helps to find student’s talents and qualities.

In Padmashree N. N. Mohan Public School, we focus on teaching children how to think, as opposed to teaching what to think. It is an important concept of understanding. 
Because classes are small, child cannot hide in the back of the class. If she does not understand a math concept, the teacher will probably discover that pretty quickly. He can address that learning issue on the spot, rather than waiting weeks or months to fix it.
We use a teacher-guided approach to learning so that students discover that learning is exciting and full of possibilities. We offer all kinds of educational methods and approaches ranging from very traditional to very progressive.

We have a balanced program in school. A balanced program can be defined as equal parts academics, sports and extracurricular activities. In Padmashree N. N. Mohan Public School everybody takes part in sports. Every child is required to participate in some athletic activity. 
Extracurricular activities are the third component of a balanced program. Like the compulsory sports, students must participate in some extracurricular activity.


  • Provision of special IIT Training Program through FIITJEE scholarship for meritorious students.
  • FIITJEE teachers devote their precious time (classes IX onwards) oftenly to direct and channelize students’ and teachers’ efforts collectively.
  • Free Abacus and Vedic Maths classes by special teacher.
  • Teachers are highly qualified and trained, give guidance to IIT and other engineering exams.
  • We create an environment of collaborative approach which leads to equal opportunity for all.
  • We focus on holistic development of students through dance, music, taekwondo, gymnastic, sports classes etc. along with studies.