Empowering Primary Years

Experiential Learning   
The PNNMS primary curriculum is based on active learning rather than on passive relay of information by a teacher. Experiential learning offers in-depth study, giving the learner a better understanding of the concepts and also a handle on the application of the knowledge in the real world around them.


Inquiry based learning   
At PNNMS, we help students’ trigger curiosity for learning something new. Educators encourage students to question things as they exist around them. They examine, question, research, collaborate & share their ideas and views.


Project based learning   
We encourage project-based learning in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge (Questioning, inquiry and critical thinking)


Collaborative learning   
At PNNMS we encourage students to work together to solve problems & complete projects which help deepen their learning & collaborative skills.


Other Activities   
Apart from this general routine, there is always a buzz at PNN Mohan School. Inter-school Competitions, celebrations, Grandparents Day, Parents Day out, talks by eminent personalities and many more. Children are periodically taken out on visits and tours to build a connect with the real world.


  1. Confidence   
  2. Competency in the Core Subjects   
  3. Caring and Compassion