Parents are requested to note:

(A) pupil must be punctual and regular in attending the school.
(B) Parents are requested to plan their outings etc., so as not to interrupt the regular attendance and study of their children.
(C) All applications for leave should be addressed to the Principal.
(D) Escorts bringing or taking students to and from school and coming to the school office must be decently and neatly dressed and must behave properly. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their escorts.
(E) Parents are requested to make the necessary arrangements to take their children home promptly at the end of the school hours everyday.
(F) Simplicity is the keynote of our institution. Hence, no jewellery or make up is allowed in our school. Any student coming to school unbathed and in dirty clothes will be sent back.
(G) Distribution of sweets and other gifts to the students on birthday is not allowed. Parents, and guardians are requested to co-operate with the school in maintaining discipline and establishing traditions.
(H) Parents are requested not to visit the school unnecessarily during school hours in the interest of the students and the school.
(I) Parents are requested to read these rules carefully and abide by them. We are frequently asked to make certain favors for special cases but this can not be done without causing any ill-feeling among other students and laying ourselves open to the charge of favoritism. Therefore, no favors will be made.
(J) Parents or guardians are requested not to walk into the class-room or meet the class/subject teacher during the school hours. They can meet the teachers on the stipulated day and time.
(K) Parents are requested not to send their ward to school if he or she is sick.
(L) Your prompt acknowledgment of the teacher’s remarks in the diary is requested.
(M)It is sincerely hoped that you will be tactful enough to avoid criticism of a teacher in the presence of your ward, as this undermines the child’s respect for the teacher and the school. In case you have legitimate complaints, you should meet the Administrative Officer/Vice Principal of the school.
(N) In the event of an unexpected holiday during tests/examination, the test/exam scheduled on that date will be held on a later date. The remaining exams will be conducted as scheduled.
(O) Any grievance/suggestion whatsoever of the parents is to be addressed to the Principal through a written application and the receipt of submitting such a letter is also to be taken from the school office.
(P) Leave for half day should not be asked due to security reasons. In emergency written permission must be taken from the Principal and parents should come to fetch their ward.
(Q) Parents are suggested not to give any pocket money to their wards but in case the need arises, it should be given judiciously.
(R) Your ward should not bring any objectionable material such as mobile phones, MP4/MP3 players, pen drives, CD’s/DVD’s and weapons to school. Parents are requested to check their school bags daily before coming to school.
(S) Parents are requested to send their ward with packed lunch in the morning itself. Request for handing over the lunch to the concerned student during the recess will not be entertained at the school gate, as the school fears adulterated food being supplied by any stranger.