During the Session: 
For withdrawal of a child one week notice is essential. Transfer certificate charges of Rs. 300.00 are to be paid extra with the monthly dues. All dues till dates has to be clear. Fee paid for the month will be forfeited.



At the end of session: 
Application for transfer certificate or information for discontinuation of studies of the child shall in every case be given in writing by the parent or guardian of the student preferably before or on 30th March, even if the Annual Result is not declared by then. 
A Child’s name will be struck off the rolls if 
1. The parents or guardians neglect to meet the principal/teacher inspite of repeated communications sent in connection with the study or conduct of the pupil. 
2. His/Her conduct is unsatisfactory or anti-social and violates the school rules. 
3. He/She does not come to school in proper uniform regularly.

*Note: Refund if any will be paid in form on Cheque only & that too in 30 days from the date of receiving the withdrawal application.