Rules of Discipline and Conduct :

(A)Pupils must bring their school diary daily.
(B) Pupils must come to school in the prescribed uniform.
(C) The school uniform must be clean, complete and ironed.
(D) Pupils must bring the prescribed text books and note-books (covered with brown paper). No pupil should bring razor blades or any sharp instrument to school. Money or valuable articles should not be brought to school.
(E) While moving from the ground to the class-room or between classes, pupils should take care not to disturb the other classes.
(F) Pupils should keep their classes and the school neat and tidy. They shall not deface the walls, scatter bits of paper on the floor, damage the school furniture and commit any unhygienic and objectionable act. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher and to the Principal. The damage will be charged from the concerned student/students. Grave insubordination, contempt of authority or willful damage to school property will result in immediate dismissal of the student from the school.
(G) Cycles must be locked. School will not be liable for any loss or misplacement of conveyance. Students are fully responsible for their conveyance.
(H) The school will not be responsible for any lost article. To minimize this, the name, the standard and the section of the pupils should be clearly marked on all their belongings. Enquiries, regarding this can be made from the class teacher immediately or from the employee on duty. At the end of the session all the unclaimed articles will be disposed off.
(I) Students should return their report cards, signed by their parents, guardians within three days of receipt. They can retain it after the Annual Examination.
(J) No pupil will leave the school premises during school hours without prior permission from the Administrative Officer/Coordinator.
(K) Any pupil seeking exemption from P.T. or games must produce a doctor’s certificate to the effect that he/she is physically unfit to take part therein.
(I) Application for leave from school must be countersigned by the parents/guardians and addressed to the Principal. A fine of Re. 1/- (one) per day will be charged from a pupil absent without leave.
(M)The student should not pluck flowers from the school campus.
(N) With regard to matters specifically mentioned here, the pupils of the school shall always conduct themselves in a way not derogatory to their self-respect and the fair name of the institution.
(O The students are not allowed to bring motor-cycles and scooters in school as driving motorized vehicles by a minor is a legal offence.
(P) Bringing mobiles and other electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited.